The book world has always been a place that I call home. From a young age, force fed The Magic Faraway Tree by my Mum to exploring my own independent escapism through the Harry Potter Series. My journey through this universe further expanded as I became a Bookseller, a job I dearly loved, which led me to eventually running Children’s Books where I probably read more picture books as a twenty-something than when I was an infant.

I have since left the bookselling world for pastures related to my ‘degree’ – eugh! I know! A literary haven replaced for days analysing health statistics – the horror! Although, I own up to the fact I do love my job and the impact it can have on the country, however, I can’t help but suffer from ‘The Itch’. ‘The Itch’ is what I describe as an incessant need to divulge, whether welcomed or not, my opinions on books to others so that I may spread the word as far and wide as possible!

In bookselling, ‘The Itch’ lay mostly dormant as it was constantly fed in my day to day work, but not so much within the health service. So, this leads to the creation of this blog! A place for me to do bookselling virtually and a treatment facility for my ‘Itch’.