The Ultimate Vacation Book Tag

I was very kindly tagged by Angelica @ TheBookCoverGirls (is it just me who reads their blog name with their inner RuPaul? Just me? That’s cool). This paradisaical tag was originally developed by Brookie @ BrookieCowles

P.S I have been informed that doing this tag does not include the vacations it so beautifully describes…


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It’s the dead of winter and you are escaping to a tropical location. Hours in the sun with a book are on your “to-do” list. What book do you bring with you?

So this will become very relevant very soon. We recently booked a holiday to Mexico in November, and if you’ve ever visited Scotland you will understand how perfect the above description is. I haven’t really considered what to bring with me quite yet, but considering I will be lapping it up in all inclusive luxury being waited on hand on foot, I may as well revisit my inner Miranda Priestly, no? (I should say this is one of the rare cases where I actually do prefer the movie to the book, but heyho!)

You see the first signs of spring and your heart beats faster with the thought of warmer days. You are escaping for a nice cruise to herald in the warm weather. What book do you bring to accompany you on the decks of the ship?

So you are on a cruise, literally in the middle of nowhere really, so this book has to be a mix of the ultimate feel good escapism, right? This series is sheer perfection for me. It is an original fairytale that could be described as a modern day Alice in Wonderland. I love how beautifully random these books are, and how you quite literally have no clue where they will take you next. If you’ve never read this series you must! Plus the covers are absolutely beautiful for any bookshelf!

Summer has arrived! You spend your weekends camping in the mountains. Fresh air, trees, animals, and campfires keep you company on your outing. What book do you bring to read next to the sound of the flowing creek?

This isn’t really a ‘summer read’ per say, but it was last summer I read this for the first time. I was out in the garden, sunglasses on and legs bathing in the warm sun as I delved into this truly emotional and beautifully written book based in New York. It explores sexuality, mental health and disability, which makes it absolutely packed with feels. It was up for a Man Booker at one point too, and a definite must-read albeit rather lengthy!

Fall is approaching. Nothing makes your happier than crunchy leaves turning red and orange and purple. You bring a book to the local park to read on a bench under the whispering trees. What book do you read?

I’m not sure why, but when I read this autumnal description, this was the first book that popped into my head. This is a rather cute, coming of age story following a girl called, Penelope, through the start of her university life. It’s not too heavy going, and is just a nice read. Definitely a contemporary I would recommend if you enjoyed the likes of Perks, and any John Green.

Christmas is in the air. Lights, and carolers, and shopping. You want to curl up next to the fireplace with a good book that reminds you of comfort. What do you curl up with?

So I am conscious this has been on my blog posts ALOT recently, so I won’t go into much detail. If you read my previous blog posts you will know this is my ultimate winter read when it is snowing outside, candles are lit and I am wrapped in a nice fluffy blanket!

Winter lasts sooooo long. You need something to remind you that the sun will come out again. What book to you read to take you away on the vacation you wish you were going on?

This one was the trickiest one for me, as this is likely around New Year time when you are looking at fresh starts and want to be inspired to create resolutions that you are likely to fail in a matter of months. When I considered this, I really could see no other choice, really? Does an explanation need to be made for this? Really?


I tag the following five blogs for this tag 🙂

  1. Bentley @ BookBastion
  2. 2. Madge @ CaffeinatedBibliophile
  3. 3. Elou @ ElouCarroll
  4. 4. Sophie @ SophieTheStark
  5. 5. Jackie @ toomuchofabooknerd

If you decide to do the tag, make sure to link me to your post in the comments so I can have a look! Also would love to hear your thoughts on my choices 🙂


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12 thoughts on “The Ultimate Vacation Book Tag

  1. I’d never heard of “The Girl Who Circumnavigated Fairyland,” before this post, but it sounds great. Like a quick read I’d love. I’ll have to add it to my TBR.

    Thanks for tagging me! I’ll have to whip up a post about this at some point soon!


  2. Love your choices! I haven’t heard of The Girl who Circumnavigate yet but have just added to my TBR due to your wonderful compliments of it. I do like The Devil Wears Prada & Bridget Jones. They will sure keep you happy on vacation 😊

    Liked by 1 person

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