Good Mail Day

Excited to get started on these! 🙂


8 thoughts on “Good Mail Day

  1. I don’t know why but I really don’t like that editions book cover of Heartless. I don’t know what it is, but everytime I see it I just think ‘uhmm no’. I think the Black and Red one with the vines is so much nicer!

    Seriously want get my hands on Caraval, but I have banned myself from buying books for a while! 😫


    1. Yes, I know the one you mean. I think that is the US cover and it is much nicer… I think the UK cover has obviously been created to appeal to a certain audience, sadly.

      I got Caraval HB for £5 on amazon if you are based in UK… otherwise not certain how much it is going for elsewhere! Was too much of a steal to pass up!

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      1. I received the other edition in The YA Chronicles subscription box a few months back. It’s weird if that is the one I received is US edition because generally in Australia we get the UK editions of books. Don’t know why, but that’s usually the case!

        And I’ve only looked on amazon a couple times at books and the shipping prices have been utterly ridiculous! Like not just a little pricey, but just straight out stupid.
        So I don’t know about amazon, whether there is ones with decent shipping that I just haven’t found, I don’t know.
        I just swear by Book Depository! World Wide free shipping and is nearly always cheaper than local book shops in Aus. I’m all about that life! 😂😂

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      2. Oh really? In UK if we spend over £10 on books in amazon, we are entitled to free delivery. I dunno if it’s to do with books being tax free or something? I’ve used Book Dep. before though – nothing like shopping around a bit! 😀

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      3. I just tried to look at how much the shipping is on amazon for Caraval and on the product page it says it ships to Australia but doesn’t say how much.
        Then when you go into the cart it has the calculate shipping and tax and you can only enter American Zip codes. And there is no option to even change to Aus.
        And when I try logging into my account, which I use for audible, and one of those character challenges come up where you have to enter in the letters and numbers you see and I literally did 9 of them and it just kept saying I was wrong. So gave up. 😑😑 Amazon just doesn’t like me. And going specifically to is the kindle and audible ones only, nothing else.
        I think I’ll stick to BD! 😳


      4. Finally got it to log in and the shipping for Caraval is only $10.48 AUD, which makes it a total of $21.77 AUD and that’s is only 8 cents cheaper than BD.
        Unless it’s significantly cheaper I think I’ll still stick to BD though.

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